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The Beautiful, The Ugly, and Your Health Effected

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~By Dr. Greg Steiner

Maybe it’s because I was once studying to be an anthropologist; maybe it’s because I earned a master’s in psychology; or could be because I once spent two years living out of a backpack while traveling abroad; or even maybe it’s because I spent 30 years in serious study of martial arts and its allied healing disciplines. But whatever the cause, it is more than probably true that when I speak of  “health” I have something quite “other” in mind than what generally passes for the definition of that term.

Maybe once again the study of all those things created a different point of view – surely today, in our global culture of digits, widgets, and social engineering we live in the time of the specialist, in which each person, employee, and department within an organization has its own special and unique function, and shall perform none other. Quite a change from the time of Da Vinci, in which the person of distinction was to be a man of letters, of science, of art, of philosophy – and he or she would probably be quite a horseman and traveler to boot – in other words, the exemplary “Renaissance Man”.

Such a contrast today, in which “The Expert” is the path we travel. I see it in my own field – specialists for this, for that – probably soon we will have to see two different specialists – one for the right ear and another for the left!

A famous author of cutting edge science fiction – Robert Heinlein – once said: “Specialization is for insects.”

Keeping this backdrop in mind, a great part of my clinical life is invested in helping people regain energy and handle chronic stress. The usual Western way is to medicate, medicate – and while it can help calm the sick feeling in the stomach or quiet the heart palpitations, it does nothing to address the real issues behind the stress which sucks the enjoyment of living from so many educated and accomplished people.

Let’s abruptly jump tracks for a minute.  A few days ago I did an interesting “experiment” in which I compared the plot, characters, and speed of old black and white television shows with what I see today. If I said I was shocked, I would be understating by a huge margin.

What I was shocked by wasn’t the language, the inappropriate situations, or the seemingly mandatory inclusion of increasingly graphic sex, glorified violence and new-normal Machiavellian skullduggery, lies and treachery  in “just another day at the office.”  What shocked me were the portrayals of functional – yes, functional(!) families with violence as part of the story and not for gore effects; and the unfolding story development over the entire episode, without all the shaking ADHD camera angles and quick cuts (now shown to hard-wire young children’s brains into ADD, instant gratification processors). Nobody messed with anyone else’s husband or wife, either.

While all that touches on psychology, anthropology, and a bit of physiology – we may ask, “What is your point?”   Well, whatt is easy to see in music, art, and expressive media in probably any period up to but not including the recent is a valuation and attempt to seek or express many things, but most of all “Beauty”.  While “The Beautiful” is a big word and idea, seeing and feeling it in those pre-24/7, constantly-switched-on songs, shows, stories and paintings tells a tale all its own, and the tale it tells is the people who created  those expressions of visual and performing arts valued beauty over ugliness. And apparently the culture of the day liked that, because those were the big shows, big songs and esteemed works of art.

Enter satellite 1000 channels; creeper shows, stalker shows, dysfunctional real housewives, treacherous big brother houses, not to mention cyber bullying and no-holds-barred politics  – all for daily consumption. Of course as Solomon once stated, “There is nothing new under the sun,” but what has changed are the percentages of relative exposure to beauty and ugliness, and the desirability of each. It’s almost as if natural beauty, harmony, and balance are new-normed as worthy of ridicule, and a near-worship of distorted, manufactured “ugliness-as-beauty” is currently the way.

Don’t think there aren’t serious and lasting effects on your health depending on what you and your family have long-term exposure to……

Continued next issue.

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