What Having Kids Taught Me as a Doctor

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~By Dr. Greg Steiner

It started before I even had children. I used acupuncture and chiropractic care consistently on my pregnant wife.  It definitely helped her to have an easier pregnancy.  I even used acupuncture on the day the children were born.  All of that made her experience so much easier.  It made her pregnancy less uncomfortable with a very quick recovery.  For example, with the first child, my wife was competing in a martial arts tournament (no fighting, just forms) two weeks before the baby came.  A day before she gave birth, we were climbing hills in Ireland, and a week afterward, we were walking the same hill again (this time with the baby).

I learned even before the children came, that it was important to keep my wife healthy, in really good shape, and with lots of energy.  Maybe that’s why I have four kids now!

Raising my own children has taught me that children are “little people”, they need to be viewed somewhat differently, they require a more sensitive and delicate process.  The orientation on how you treat them is a little different.   Being able to recognize the non-verbal cues and body language is crucial when they can’t describe what is wrong verbally.  I learned to listen to the tone of voice of which they complain, or don’t complain.  I learned to better read their facial expressions.

Kids oftentimes have different responses and physical reactions than adults.  For example, when children suffer from allergies or hyper-sensitivities, it isn’t always a cold.  A lot of times it’s identifiable food issues.

I once had a mom who thought she was feeding her child a good diet, but the child was still often sick.  From conducting some simple tests and Acupuncture treatments, we determined she should try eliminating sugar and milk from her diet.  About a week later, there was no more runny nose and her behavior had changed for the better.  She became healthy in a short amount of time.  The sugar had been depressing her particular immune system.  Sometimes, it’s diet that will effect behavior (kids can get hyper and adults often have the opposite effect and feel lethargic).

I’ve learned early intervention is important.  If a child falls off a bike and hits their head, or has a small concussion, it’s important to have their neck examined.  I’ve seen a number of patients who have had “little accidents” as a child.  Years later, some are finding themselves with a prematurely arthritic neck.  This can often be traced back to a childhood or teenage injury that was never treated or discovered so no corrective measures were ever taken.

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