Tired all the Time….

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Often people who suffer from chronic fatigue – whatever the cause – experience an additional burden of dealing with a problematic family or work dynamic. Often again, family members don’t know what happened to the energetic, vivacious person they now see lying in bed at every opportunity. As might be expected the addition of interpersonal stress only increases the fatigue problem; people who suffer from chronic fatigue feel guilty that they are neglecting friends and loved ones; that their work isn’t up to its usual quantity or quality; and sooner or later they start to feel self-judgmental in a negative way.

While there is a linkage to depression – many chronic fatigue patients feel depressed – these same patients feel that their doctors often put the cart before the horse. I’ve been told from countless patients that on meeting with their physician – whether allopathic, osteopathic, or chiropractic – that they are many times assessed as depressed, and thereby treated accordingly. While this diagnosis certainly is valid at times, many of the patients state quite adamantly that they weren’t depressed before feeling tired, pained and just plain “cruddy” so much of the time.

No one wants to carry around the self-label of “depressed person,” or at least very few people do. However once a person’s self-image changes and the chronic fatigue patient accepts that image healing will either accelerate or come to a screeching halt; it depends on that person’s individual character traits, values and how others treat him or her.

In the negative sense, a person who deeply and truly accepts the “depressed” label adopts the beliefs and actions of a depressed person even more – hopelessness fuels helplessness. Such a person attempts little in the way of self-help, and those efforts are rarely whole-hearted.

In the positive sense some people feel utterly annoyed with their situation and embark on a path of learning and self-healing to the extent they are able. Though I don’t see this as much as the negative expression, it’s people cut from this cloth that stand a real chance of whole or partial healing. In other words, any doctor can only work with what the patient gives him to work with.

In acupuncture terms chronic fatigue describes a condition in which the body’s energetics are out of balance and stuck in that unbalanced state. Over the years I’ve noticed that adults act just opposite of kids – when kids get out of balance they often go “hyper,” and adults get tired. If I see the opposite – a listless child or a hyper adult I sense that there is a really big imbalance working below the surface; this will likely be harder to treat.

In Oriental medicine health is all about motion and balance; balance in motion; balanced motion. If the energy system is balanced and moving sure, an “invader” (as the ancient texts describe those things that create illness) will attack the body, but the body will adapt. If it gets sick, it will heal. If injured, it will repair. If stressed, it will cope. Such is

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